Logitank fit outs are undertaken by Petrotec Services.

The team at Petrotec has fitted out numerous Logitanks ranging from a very basic set up to complex solar and 12 volt fit outs. 

Petrotec works with all parties involved to design a facility that meets the needs of all stakeholders. This can include a full turnkey solution covering site investigation, cost estimate, design and consents, HSNO certification, installation, commissioning and training.

Petrotec also offers access to all major brands of fuel and oil equipment and accessories, to ensure that your Logitank is fitted out to meet the demands and expectations required.

Once your Logitank fuel facility is completed we recommend that servicing is undertaken at least annually, depending on usage. A regular preventative maintenance programme will reduce the likelihood of your operations being compromised by unexpected breakdowns. 

To discuss your Logitank needs, whether a full turnkey solution, installation, servicing or any ad hoc work you require, please contact us today. 

View our gallery page to see a number of different fit outs.